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Deciding between Kyrios Systems and Pipedrive?

Kyrios and HighLevel offer many similarities and offer a wide range of features to help businesses of all sizes grow and succeed. However, there are some key differences between the two platforms that businesses should be aware of when choosing the right one for their needs:

Key Differences Between Kyrios and Pipedrive

Kyrios was built as both a business development and marketing platform. The intent is to help businesses of all types and sizes become more effective, efficient, and profitable. Kyrios' founder's background is in Business Consulting, primarily in business growth strategy, systems, and efficiency. This is why Kyrios offers members not only tools for marketing and systems for efficiency, but business education as well. Kyrios offers business classes, 24/7 live chat support, weekly training sessions, and even many pre-built tools that you can use immediately to support your business...all free for members at any level of the platform. Your success is our success.

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that is designed to help businesses and sales teams manage their sales processes more effectively. It provides tools and features to streamline and automate sales-related tasks, allowing organizations to track leads, communicate with customers, and close deals more efficiently.

It was developed to simplify and optimize the sales pipeline, making it easier for businesses to track deals, contacts, and communications.

Manage Business Systems

There are 2 primary causes of business failure and slowed growth: leadership and systems.

Kyrios has been developed to help you with the core systems you need to grow and run your business effectively and efficiently.

From pipelines and tracking to workflow automation, Kyrios helps you systematize and automate your business, freeing up time for you to focus on the main priorities.

Support and Training Available 24/7

Help by your side

We understand that you need help when you need it, not just during the M-F 9-5. This is why Kyrios offers 24/7 support. This means that no matter what time of day or night you have a question, you can always get help from a Kyrios support specialist.

Have additional needs or questions? Check out the support library that contains more than 600 articles, videos, and walkthroughs on how to do exactly what you need.

Want even more personal attention? Join one of our weekly live sessions and have an expert help you with exactly what you need or just listen to others' questions to get some ideas.

Break down growth barriers with Kyrios.

Scale Your Business

Our seamless integration of marketing and business systems empowers you to automate tasks, freeing your team to focus on high-impact activities. Kyrios becomes your partner in effortless scaling, empowering everyone to be more productive and drive explosive growth.

Increase Word-Of-Mouth Business Automatically

You're the best and they will know it

Studies show 94% of happy customers would recommend you... but only 16% of businesses ask! Kyrios automates referral requests, capturing that valuable word-of-mouth magic.

Online reviews hold immense power: 86% trust them like personal recommendations. Kyrios streamlines review collection, building trust and attracting new customers.

Stop hoping, start automating. Kyrios fuels effortless word-of-mouth growth.

Unified and Integrated Customer Data

Stop Guessing, Start Knowing

Disconnected data systems holding your customer service hostage? Kyrios liberates your information. Every interaction, every detail – from past purchases to website behavior – is instantly accessible within a single, intuitive hub.

Kyrios acts as your customer data maestro, consolidating everything into unified profiles. No more wrestling with fragmented histories. Understand buying habits for personalized offers or answer complex support inquiries with ease. Every touchpoint becomes a valuable data point, empowering you to anticipate customer needs and deliver exceptional service. Kyrios puts the power of a complete customer picture at your fingertips.

Advanced AI

AI assistance when you need it

Tired of expensive AI subscriptions and limited tools? Kyrios is your one-stop solution for effortless growth.

Kyrios' powerful AI goes beyond email and SMS. It can craft website copy, generate automatic replies to reviews, and even become your virtual assistant! Manage sales, provide customer support, and more - all powered by Kyrios' AI.

Kyrios isn't just a platform, it's your growth partner.

Kyrios and Pipedrive

Side-By-Side Comparison

The side-by-side comparison below is to the closest available plan offered to Kyrios.


Kyrios Systems

$297 per month


$99+ per month/user

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Sales Pipelines

Unlimited Calendars

Unlimited Team Members

Unlimited Sales Funnels

Unlimited Websites

Unlimited Surveys & Forms

Unlimited Courses and Products

Unlimited Email Marketing Campaigns

Unlimited SMS Marketing Campaigns

Unlimited Automated Workflows

Unlimited Google Reviews Integration & Management

Unlimited Missed Call Back Feature

Unlimited FB Messenger Integration

Unlimited Text To Pay

Unlimited 2-Way Text And Email Conversations

Unlimited Social Media Planner

Unlimited Invoicing Capabilities

Full Onboarding Support and Customization

Email Support

Redefine your potential

All-in-one marketing and business development platform to simplify + expand your business

A few of the industries currently using Kyrios

Streamline your process inside one powerful system.